TERRY L. KAUFMAN Attorney at Law
TERRY L. KAUFMAN      Attorney at Law

Uncontested Divorce

Quicker, cheaper, and less stressful than a traditional "contested" divorce.  Can usually be done without either party needing to appear in court. 


Both parties are agreeable to the divorce, the division of their property and debts, and the terms of child custody and visitation.  You just want the case done properly.

This case can be done for a flat fee.

With Children:       from $800

Without Children:  from $600

Court Filing Fees are not included.

Contested Divorce

There is at least one issue where husband and wife are not in agreement.  The case will need to be prepared for presentation to the Judge.


The extent of the work needed to resolve the case is unknown, therefore fees are charged hourly.


The total attorney fees to accrue in your case may exceed your initial deposit depending on the time required to resolve your case.




Family Law - General

Family or Domestic Law encompasses several matters such as:


  Child Support



  Qualified Domestic Relations Order

  Termination of Child Support



Fees vary per service and details of your particular case.


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